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Our mission is to help you gain financial freedom quickly .

At TheBudgetStore, we're excited to offer                                                                                                  our clients the following services:

  • Breakthrough Coaching Program:  Our 5-6 month Breakthrough Package is geared to dig deep into your financial challenges and working to revamp it. We work with you through those challenges and identify ways to overcome them.  Among other areas, we focus on: 

    • Transforming your budget to maximize savings and eliminate increased spending; ​
    • Blasting off your debt

    • Developing an incredible savings strategy

    • Identifying extensive future financial coals and developing a plan to achieve them


  • Debt Reduction Plan:  We offer an optional Debt Reduction Plan that can be combined with any of our two (2) service packages. It contains: a Debt Assessment and a Debt Reduction Plan.

  • Comprehensive Financial Health Assessment:  We offer a standalone Financial Health Assessment that looks at fourteen key areas of your overall financial health. The resulting report provides you with strategies and recommendations to improve your overall financial health picture.

  • Personalized Individual or Family Budgets:  With our coaches, you are not at the mercy of online budgeting tools that are not designed to match your very individual and different circumstances. At TheBudgetStore, you are not alone. We PARTNER with you to create a budget that is flexible to your changing needs regardless of your personal situation and financial picture.

  • Budgeting and Personal Finance Webinars and Workshops:  We love to teach on personal finances. We periodically host workshops for your organizational staff, students or groups that provides valuable personal finance management tools.

  • Kids Financial Education:  Our Kid$ Money club is our forum to provide basic money management training to our young children. Our philosophy is to catch them young and transform their money management mentality.  We also offer our TBS Kid$ Money Camps at various times of the year.

Our Breakthrough Coaching Program is AFFORDABLE, unique and yields results because we take a holistic approach to get you to your desired outcome quickly.

We don’t believe in just throwing spreadsheets and applications your way.  

We believe you deserve a holistic program that equips you with the tools you need. This is why we are employ our signature Results Driven Financial Coaching Strategy. 

Holistic approach.jpg

We believe your sustained success is not only dependent on the right tools but your success is powered by a having a HOLISTIC PERSONALIZED Phased Actionable Plan, Focused and Relevant Goals, Consistent Evaluations and Precise Assessments. 


Our winning strategy is fueled by the consistent accountability, mentorship and accountability we provide.

Yes, our program WORKS and it can WORK for you too!

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Our clients love our programs...

5 star use22.png
5 star use22.png
5 star use22.png

"We went from overspending to saving over $400 a month!"

"Amy is skilled and passionate!"

Ngozi says... 

"I complained to Amy about my monthly budget. At the time thought I had most of it down. I thought my only issue was with with groceries.


To my surprise, Amy started asking me in-depth questions about my family’s finances, short and long term goals etc.  I knew then that we really needed her expertise.  We needed help way beyond just saving on groceries.


Amy taught us how to give a purpose to every dime that we earn. She showed us how to cut down on monthly expenses. So, we have been able to save about $400 every month from groceries alone  and my family is still well fed and taken care of. Thank you Amy!


Following her comprehensive program, Amy helped us develop a specific plan that mapped out our goals, debt reduction plan and savings plan.  Utilizing the ideas and the plans she mapped out for us has really kept us on track.  We now have a vision for our finances.  


I highly recommend Amy to everyone. She is very professional, reliable and knows her job so well.


  ~ Ngozi, Texas

Mahalia says... 


"Amy helped me understand and develop a financial mindset. She showed me the many ways this would benefit my life. Once I applied myself and the information she provided, I was able to pay off my debt and start saving money. Amy is financial coach who is very skilled in what she does and is passionate about helping you meet your financial potential."

~ Mahalia, Turkey

"My credit score quickly went from 480 to 600!"

Ellicia says...  


"At the very beginning, I was very hesitant. I did not really have an understanding nor appreciation for money, I didn't even know how to create a budget let alone stick to one.

 Working with Amy changed my mindset and my appreciation for money. I have paid down bills, created a budget that allowed me to move gain my independence and has allowed me to move into my own place. I have more confidence and a clear understanding of the importance of every dollar has a name. I'm currently working on different ways to create more than one income and build my savings. I'm also working on building my credit score.  When I started with Amy my score was 480, I am now at 600 credit score!  I have been able to pass on some of the things that I have learned when I worked with Amy to my son to educate him with money and not let him follow in my footsteps.


Thanks, Amy!!  I highly recommend TheBudgetStore!! 


 ~ Ellicia, Maryland

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