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Financial Coaching for Couples

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Helping Couples Organize Their Money

Financial difficulties are a major source of conflict in married relationships. One of the causes it that couples aren't equipped to have unemotional conversations about money. Financial conversations are difficult to have because it has often been thought to be a taboo topic in our culture.  This lack of conversation is even true for the most intimate relationships. Many couples have not talked about finances with anyone before including their partners. 


Financial Coaching for Couples is a great investment for your relationship or marriage and can be utilized at any stage of a marriage relationship.  Financial coaching is a great tool to help couples address money challenges by working at the foundation of couple finances.


Our couple's coaching program is designed to work to facilitate the conversations between you and your partner so you can understand each other’s financial histories and values. Using proven coaching techniques, we help you negotiate and resolve financial differences so you can work as a single powered unit working to meet a powered goal to move your family to meet your $50,000 and $100,000 savings goals quickly.

Money stress is one of the leading causes tension in marriages

Our job as coaches is to help our couple clients understand each others financial values, identify a  common financial approach, and equip our couple clients with tools to set up their family financial structure.  


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Let's have a conversation on how to set up couples finance, managing family finances from a godly perspective

Helping Couples Organize Their Money

We help our couples:

1. Identify a unified and customized financial approach for their family structure

How do you successfully run your finances as a family?  What goals do you have and why? Should you merge your accounts or maintain a his and hers accounting system?  Do you split the family bills down the middle or according to earning power?  What about your individual debts? How about savings goals? How do you save as family unit? What is your family finance strategy to move you quickly to wealth building?


Our coaching program helps our couples not only answer these questions but move them to a viable, sustainable family finance structure that helps them scale their family savings quickly.

2. Set up their family financial tools

Your family's financial success is powered by a having Phased Actionable Plan, Focused and Relevant Goals, Consistent Evaluations and Assessments fueled by the consistent accountability, mentorship and accountability we provide. We help you build the right structure and develop the right tools move your family to meet your $50,000 and $100,000 goals.

3. Develop an accountability system

Ecclesiastes 4:9 reminds us that  "Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help." 


Our program builds on this structure.   We are the VERY BEST at helping you revamp your finances so you can FINALLY see more of your money to save and build wealth for your family.

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