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TBS Savings Blast Program

We help your clients save so they can pay for your premium services

The Savings Blast program is specifically designed for prospective clients of coaches and Service Providers who are unable to turn prospects into clients because the prospects cannot afford the Service Providers charges and they do not want to go into debt to pay for that service.


The Savings Blast program utilizes a 6-step strategy to help your prospects harness the power of their income to build the savings reserve they need to pay for your services. 

  • A relationship with an ideal client is something every Service Provider wants.  Research shows that when clients are satisfied with service provided to them, clients tend to be long time consumers of a Service Providers services or products bringing long term business and income opportunities as well as referrals to their family and friends.  

  • This program is designed to be a win-win for you as a Service Provider by helping you keep your clients and not losing them to the fallacy that they cannot afford your program.  This makes creates an opportunity for a long term relationship and possible continuous business opportunities between you as your client's Service Provider and your client.

How Does This Program Benefit You As a Service Provider. 

What About The Cost?

  • The savings blast program (SBP) works on a shared cost basis.

  • At the end of a successful SBP program, the service provider pays TheBudgetStore a percentage of the service fee they charge to their client.

  • If a Client does not complete the SRB program or if they change their mind, you as the Service Providers have NOTHING to lose.  You will not be charged by The BudgetStore.

  •  The SBP allows you as a Service Provider hold unto your ideal clients and not allow the assumption that your ideal client cannot afford your service hold you back from signing up for your premium service.

  • By offering the SBP to your prospective clients, you let your clients know you not just care about getting a pay check but as a Service Provider, you are redoing whatever you can to help a prospective client get the best services they need.

As a Service Provider, You Have Nothing to Loose.

I'm a Service Provider, How Do I Get Started?

  • Getting started with Savings Blast Program is as simple as giving as giving us a call.

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