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Our Story

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You Too Can Attain Financial Freedom

We are Mike and Amy Horan, financial transformation coaches and founders of We are extremely  passionate about helping people eliminate the stress of money and take control of their finances. We have been providing financial coaching services for over 20 years.


We understand firsthand the challenges of being a single income military family and working very hard to make ends meet.  Despite those challenges, we learned and applied our financial strategies to our own lives and have been very successful at being financially healthy despite our money challenges.  


Our heartfelt desire is to empower our clients to get out of debt, build savings, plan their financial future, get completely healthy financially and attain financial freedom. 


We are on a mission to help our clients break out of the mold.  Our message is that there is a way to break through your financial challenges.  


  • We'll listen to you, hear you, work with you to overcome your challenges

  • We want you to be confident with your money, we'll help you get on track and stay on track

  • We will guide you through the journey, develop a strategy and plan of action to attain financial freedom.  

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