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Welcome to TheBudgetStore's 2021 Virtual Kid$ Money Camp!

TBS Kid$ Money Camp was designed to teach children about Personal Finance basics in a fun environment with instructions, games and collaborative activity that will help create early awareness about basic foundations of personal finances. This camp is geared to help the kids understand why we get an income, what we should do with our income, how they can save to take care of themselves, save for their future, how to keep out of debt and help others.


Who's The Camp For:

  • The Kid$ Money Camp is for elementary and middle schoolers ages 8-15 years. 

$69 TBS Virtual Summer Camp .jpg

2021 Camp Topics:

  • Camp topics include:

  • Getting paid

  • Hello Banking

  • Let's Budget!

  • Making Right Choices

  • You gotta SAVE!

  • Say "No" to Debt!

  • Ready? Set, Goals!

  • Cumulative $$ Project


How long:

  • Each camp runs for 3 days with an optional open house preceding the 3-day camp.

Camp dates: 

  • Elementary Kids Camp 1:  6, 7 and 8 Aug, 9am - 2.00pm

  • Middle School Kids Camp 1:  13, 14 and 15 August, 9am - 2.00pm

  • Elementary Kids Camp 2:  13, 14 and 15 Aug, 3pm - 7.30pm

  • Middle School Kids Camp 2:  27, 28 and 29 Aug, 3pm - 7.30pm

Join us...

No upcoming events at the moment
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